Welcome to Natural Science!

The Division of Natural Science provides a selection of courses, drawn from the sciences at York University, for the fulfillment of the General Education requirement of students in the Faculties of Arts and Fine Arts.

The courses are designed for students who have little science or mathematical background. However, a willingness and enthusiasm for learning something of the fundamental ideas which help us to understand how the physical world around us works is an advantage.

In an era when science and technology impinges upon virtually every aspect of life, it is important that a well educated university student will emerge from Academia with some experience in the sciences. This need not involve "in depth" studies of any particular specialty, since there is also merit in learning about the manner in which science is (and has been) carried out, and the way in which scientists are currently trained to think and work.

Students are encouraged to explore on their own, and with the advent of the World Wide Web this has now become possible from home as well as on campus. To this end, some interesting links are provided from the Home Page which will provide an introductory window into the world of science. Other sites may be available from individual course material.

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