Course Availablity for FW 2018-2019

  • Full: Indicates that there are currently no spaces available in the course. Your options are to enrol in another course or continue to check the enrolment system in the event that a student drops and a space becomes available. These spaces tend to be taken quickly so frequent checks of the enrolment system are recommended. Please note that there is no guarantee that you will be able to enrol in the course, this is just a strategy you can try.
  • Limited Spaces: indicates that there are only a few spaces remaining in the course.

****Permission of Instructor needed now to enrol in a Winter Term Course****

Updated on January 17, 2019

Term Format Course Code Title Space Availability
W Lecture NATS 1500 M 3.0 Statistics and Reasoning Full
W Online NATS 1505 M 3.0 Understanding Cyberspace Full
W Lecture NATS 1515 M 3.0 Atmospheric Pollution Full
W Lecture NATS 1530 N 3.0 Space Flight & Exploration Full
W Lecture NATS 1560 M 3.0 Understanding Food Full
W Lecture NATS 1570 M 3.0 Exploring the Solar System Full
W Lecture NATS 1575 M 3.0 Forensic Science Full
W Lecture NATS 1675 M 6.0 Human Development Full
W Lecture NATS 1740 M 6.0 Astronomy Full
W Lecture NATS 1745 M 6.0 History of Astronomy Full
W Lecture NATS 1810 M 6.0 Energy Full
W Lecture NATS 1870 M 6.0 Understanding Colour Full