Space Flight and Exploration - Blended

Course Code: NATS 1530 A Blended 3.0

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Course Description:

This course will discuss the science and technology of space flight and the discoveries and expansion of our knowledge through space exploration. Topics include: the history of space flight, planetary exploration, orbital science, rocket science, the space environment and sending humans to space. No previous science background is required.

Course Format:

Approximately 60% of the course material will be presented in online lectures and readings. The other 40% will be delivered via in-class activities held in 90 minute sessions approximately weekly.

Course Credit Exclusions:

Not open to any students enrolled in Lassonde's Earth and Space Science and Engineering program (ESSE).

Mathematical Content:

In-class assignments involve making measurements from graphs, using scientific notation and solving simple equations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and exponents. Assistance will be provided in class for students who require help with the mathematical concepts. There will be no calculations on tests.

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Archived Course Outline