Exploring the Universe

Course Code: NATS 1585 A 3.0

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Course Description:

This course explores the universe beyond our solar system. We will learn how stars shine, how stars group together in galaxies, and how galaxies change over time. We will learn how to measure the mass of galaxies and infer the existence of dark matter, and how to measure the expansion of the universe and infer the existence of dark energy. Finally, we will explore both the earliest instants and the far future of the history of our universe.

Course Format:

Three lecture/activity hours per week. Attendance at lectures, homework assignments, online quizzes and term project are essential parts of the course.

Course Credit Exclusions:

Course credit exclusions: NATS 1740 6.00. NCR Note: No credit will be retained if this course is taken after SC/PHYS 1070 3.00. Not open to any student enrolled in the Astronomy stream.

Mathematical Content:

Although the mathematics is kept to a minimum, it is recommended that students be familiar with the basic principles of geometry and algebra up to the level of Grade 11 (no calculus is required). Simple algebra and geometry is needed at times. Key numerical concepts are always discussed in class when needed.

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Archived Course Outline