The Living Body

Course Code: NATS 1610 A 6.0

Instructor's Name:

Course Description:

This course examines the human body from the molecular, cellular, and physiological perspectives. The biological requirements of life and how the human body is designed to fulfill these will be explored through studies of cell function, tissues, and the body’s organ systems. Key topics that will be examined are: (1) the structural and functional organization of the human body, (2) the functions of cells and their roles in forming body tissues and organs, (3) the cellular basis of physiology, and (4) how the body’s organ systems contribute to the maintenance of the body as a whole. A number of organ systems will be studied during the lecture portion of the course, while others will be studied in the laboratory portion of this course. The laboratories also will introduce students to some important biological techniques, material, and information relating to the human body.

Course Format:

Three lecture hours per week. Ten 2 hour labs, approximately every other week. The laboratory will deal with general biological principles and a number of body systems, and will not be directly related to the lecture material.

Course Credit Exclusions:

SC/NATS 1650 6.00, SC/NATS 1660 6.00, SC/NATS 1675 6.00, SC/NATS 1690 6.00. NCR Note: This course is not open to any student who has passed or is taking SC/BIOL 1000 3.00, SC/BIOL 1001 3.00 or SC/BIOL 1010 6.00.

Mathematical Content:

Minimal simple arithmetical calculation at about the Grade 10 level.

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Archived Course Outline