Human Development

Course Code: NATS 1675 A 6.0

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Course Description:

The objective of this course is to familiarize the student with the structure and function of the human organism. Early in the course the concept of natural selection and modern theories of evolution will be discussed to place humans in perspective with other organisms. Subsequently, the human organism will be examined from a cellular level. The relationship of cells to tissues, organs and organ systems will follow. Cell division including both mitosis and meiosis will be studied. This will be followed by the formation of gametes, reproduction and fetal development. Genetics, including genetic diseases and chromosomal aberrations, will form an important component of this course. The topic of genetic engineering will be introduced. The remainder of the course will discuss various organ systems and relevant diseases associated with these organ systems including a section on cancer. Some lectures will be supplemented by films that provide either related information or material from a slightly different perspective. Sometime will be set aside at the end of lecture for discussion and/or questions.

Course Format:

Three lecture hours per week.

Course Credit Exclusions:

SC/NATS 1610 6.00, SC/NATS 1650 6.00, SC/NATS 1660 6.00, SC/NATS 1690 6.00. NCR Note: This course is not open to any student who has passed or is taking SC/BIOL 1000 3.00, SC/BIOL 1001 3.00 or SC/BIOL 1010 6.00.

Mathematical Content:

Minimal simple arithmetical calculation at about Grade 11 level.

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Archived Course Outline