Computers, Information and Society

Course Code: NATS 1700 A 6.0

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Course Description:

This course examines the interplay between technology on the one side and society and culture on the other side in the context of one of the defining technologies of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, that is, the computer technology. The relationship between computer technology and society being a complex one, we will study a broad range of issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. The critical examination of issues such as the evolution of computers, their impact on privacy, computer security and computer crime, the transformation of business, work and education, the new directions in the evolution of politics, the emergence of a digital culture -- to name but a few -- is needed if we are to enhance our understanding of the role that computers and information play in our society.

Course Format:

Three lecture hours per week.

Course Credit Exclusions:

SC/NATS 1505 3.00.

Mathematical Content:

Minimal simple arithmetical calculation at about Grade 10 level.

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Archived Course Outline