Course Code: NATS 1740 A 6.0

Instructor's Name:

Course Description:

This course embarks on an astronomical journey into the final frontier! A broad range of topics will be discussed including: the night sky, fundamental properties of light and matter, telescopes, planets and other solar system objects (in our own and other solar systems), stars and their birth and death, white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes, galaxies, dark matter, dark energy, the origin and development of the universe, and the possibility of life beyond the Earth.

Course Format:

Three lecture hours per week. 

Course Credit Exclusions:

SC/NATS 1570 3.00, SC/NATS 1880 6.00. NCR Note: No credit will be retained if this course is taken after SC/PHYS 1070 3.00. Not open to any student enrolled in the Astronomy stream.

Mathematical Content:

Although math is kept to a minimum, it is recommended that students be familiar with the basic principles of geometry and algebra up to the level of Grade 11 (no calculus is required). The few key numerical concepts are discussed in the lectures or during group assignments.

Course Outlines:

Archived Course Outline:

Archived Course Outline