Weather and Climate

Course Code: NATS 1780 A 6.0

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Course Description:

Living in Canada, we all know that weather's vagaries and extremes affect where we live and how we live. We live on a planet with a very thin envelope of atmosphere that supports life as we know it. Have you ever wondered at the deadly force of a hurricane or the cooling effect of a lake breeze? Have you ever looked at a sunset and thought about what made it so spectacular? From the air we breathe to the ozone layer that protects us, from the gentlest rain to the most ferocious hurricane, these phenomena all occur in the atmosphere around us. Throughout history, stories have been written to explain these phenomena, and science has tried to unravel the mystery behind them. We will look at the various layers of the atmosphere, from the surface where weather occurs to the stratosphere with its protective ozone layer. You will learn how the atmosphere on the earth originated and how it differs from the atmosphere on other planets. We will use the physical laws, upon which meteorology is based, to investigate clouds, winds, air masses, and storms, as well as to assess the possible long-term climatic effects arising from human activity.

Course Format:

Three lecture hours plus one tutorial hour per week.

Course Credit Exclusions:

LE/EATS 1011 3.00 (prior to Fall 2014), SC/EATS 1011 3.00 (prior to Summer 2013), SC/NATS 1750 6.00. Not open to any students enrolled in the Earth and Atmospheric Science program.

Mathematical Content:

The ability to do routine calculations is required to complete some of the assignments. Some problem solving is required at about the grade 11 level. Graphical representations and scientific notation are taught in the tutorials and used in class.

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Archived Course Outline