Course Code: NATS 1810 A 6.0

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Energy is a key resource in our modern society. Its generation, transmission and distribution are an important factor in the economic prosperity we have achieved in the western world. This course will look at some of the basic principles behind energy, the technology we use to generate it, and the side effects such as pollution and global warming that are a direct result of our energy usage. We will look in detail at the most common current energy sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear power, as well as looking at alternative energy sources such as the various renewable technologies as well as the possibility of fusion energy. The course will also take a look at how our politics both locally and globally are affected by the supply and demand of energy resources. Current events that are relevant to the course will be discussed.

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Six lecture hours per week.

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Mathematical Content:

Some facility with elementary mathematics is required.

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Archived Course Outline