Physics for World Leaders

Course Code: NATS 1945 A 6.0

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Course Description:

This course presents the most interesting and important topics in the far-reaching realm of physics, stressing conceptual understanding rather than emphasizing the math, and with applications to current events and technologies. Upon completion of the course, students will be fluent in the critical topics of physics and the leading-edge technologies that are currently discussed in the media, and which effect our daily lives as well as the future of our planet. Topics include: Energy and power, atoms and heat, gravity and space, nuclear reactions, electricity and magnetism, sound waves, earthquakes and tsunamis, visible and invisible light, information transmission and digital technology, climate change, quantum physics, relativity, cosmology and space exploration. No prior knowledge of physics is required.

Course Format:

One 3 hour lecture per week.

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Mathematical Content:

In-class assignments involve making measurements from graphs, using scientific notation and solving simple equations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and exponents. Assistance will be provided in class for students who require help with the mathematical concepts. There will be no calculations on the tests.

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Archived Course Outline