Earth and its Atmosphere - Fully Online

Course Code: NATS 1750 A - Fully Online 6.0

Instructor's Name: Mary-Helen Armour

Course Description:

This course will be using MOODLE. All course information, dates, marks etc. will be posted to the MOODLE site for this course. Please make sure you have logged into your MOODLE account. Any course you have enrolled in is automatically added to your account. In this course we describe the physical properties and characteristics of the Earth as an active system. We will look at the overall structure of Earth and how it is dynamic. This will look at the plate tectonics and how Earth's crust is constantly changing, the nature of the oceans and water and the nature of the atmosphere and how the three interact. We will also touch briefly on the other planets in the solar system and how they are similar and different from Earth. We will look at how geology plays a role in mineral resources and how life and Earth have intereacted to affect each other.

Course Format:

Fully Online (equivalent to six lecture hours per week as this course runs at double speed)

Course Credit Exclusions:

SC/NATS 1570 3.00, SC/NATS 1780 6.00, LE/SC/EATS 1010 3.00, LE/SC/EATS 1011 3.00. Not open to any student who has passed or is taking a course in earth and atmospheric science. Prior to Summer 2013: Course credit exclusions: SC/NATS 1780 6.00, SC/EATS 1010 3.00, SC/EATS 1011 3.00.

Mathematical Content:

Fairly mathematical in nature; uses Math at about a grade 10 level; similar to what the student would have encountered in grade 10-11 science courses.

Course Outlines:

Course Outline Summer