Mysteries of Everyday Materials

Course Code: NATS 1830 A 6.0

Instructor's Name: Stephanie Pugliese Domenikos

Course Description:

We live in a material world. To understand the matter that makes up this world around us, we need to appreciate and recognize that Chemistry- the study of matter is at the heart of it all. Our daily lifestyle tapping into energy, food, our clothing, medicines, our environmental concerns all have their connections to chemistry. From the moment you begin your day with that toothpaste, to travelling in your car, the clothes you wear, your food that you consume, your smart phone that you use you will reckon with the magic and wonder that is “Chemistry”. Conversion of raw materials into valuable products requires knowledge of chemistry. How does a battery work? Why does nothing stick to Teflon®? The answers to these and many mysteries of daily life lie in Chemistry –the central science. The relationship between physical properties and usefulness of materials will be explored. The role of science in developing new material will be discussed. Through interactive lecture, in-class discussions and activities, we will journey through the chemical world and discover the power of chemistry and how the chemical structure of matter governs its reactivity and properties.

Course Format:

Three hours lecture per week.

Course Credit Exclusions:

SC/NATS 1820 6.00 No Credit will be retained if this course is taken after successful completion of SC/CHEM 1000 3.00 or SC/CHEM 1001 3.00. Not open to any students enrolled in the Chemistry program.

Mathematical Content:

Some facility with elementary Mathematics is required - Grade 10 level.

Course Outlines:

Course Outline Fall/Winter

Archived Course Outline:

Archived Course Outline