Mysteries of Everyday Materials

Course Code: NATS 1830 A 6.0

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Course Description:

Have you ever wondered how a battery works? Why nothing sticks to Teflon? Or how fireworks get their beautiful colours? To understand the matter that makes up this world around us, we need to appreciate and recognize that Chemistry - the study of matter - is at the heart of it all. This course will provide you with an ability to understand the physical properties of a variety of materials using a Chemistry lens. Through interactive lectures, in-class discussions and activities, we will journey through the chemical world and discover the power of chemistry and how the chemical structure of matter governs its reactivity and properties.

Course Format:

Three hours lecture per week. 2 hours laboratory every other week (roughly). Labs are designed to supplement concepts learned in lecture and provide students with a hands-on, experiential learning experience.

Course Credit Exclusions:

SC/NATS 1820 6.00 No Credit will be retained if this course is taken after successful completion of SC/CHEM 1000 3.00 or SC/CHEM 1001 3.00. Not open to any students enrolled in the Chemistry program.

Mathematical Content:

Some facility with elementary Mathematics is required - Grade 10 level. All needed mathematics will be explained in the class and examples will be worked out.

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Archived Course Outline