Molecules and the Mind

Course Code: NATS 1820 A 6.0

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Course Description:

This is not your usual chemistry class. Throughout the year we will explore topics from molecular structure to disease, from chocolate to miracle cures. Nutrition, Addiction, Drugs, Love, Lust, Anger, & Diamonds, – yes, there is a chemical link to be explored. What triggers the mood, what emotions make one feel awry or good- how is it all related to the mind-indeed, there is a science connection between our mind, behavior and the molecules involved. This course will look at the world in which you live from a chemical perspective and, in doing so, will uncover the inherent beauty of the molecular world.

Course Format:

Three lecture hours per week.

Course Credit Exclusions:

SC/NATS 1830 6.00. NCR Note: No credit will be retained if this course is taken after successful completion of SC/CHEM 1000 3.00 or SC/CHEM 1001 3.00. Not open to any students enrolled in the Chemistry program.

Mathematical Content:

Basic arithmetic not exceeding grade 10 is expected. We will discuss: scientific notation, interpretation of charts and graphs, descriptive understanding of basic statistical concepts (mean and variation).

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Archived Course Outline