Welcome to Natural Science!

The Division of Natural Science, within the Department of STS,  provides a wide selection of science courses for the fulfillment of the General Education requirement of non-science York University students.  Our courses address various areas of science including, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, earth science, and science and technology studies.  We offer a variety of course formats including, lecture, blended, and online in 3.0 and 6.0 credit options.  A double speed delivery option is also available for some courses.

In an era when science and technology impinges upon virtually every aspect of life, it is important that a well educated university student emerges from Academia with some experience in the sciences.  This may involve an "in depth" study of a particular specialty and/or learning about the manner in which science is (and has been) carried out, and the way in which scientists are currently trained to think and work.  Enter your course(s) with interest and enthusiasm and enjoy your exploration of science.



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