A Welcome to all students in Natural Science

The Division of Natural Science is located in Room 218, Bethune College (#11 on the Keele Map). Please feel free to contact us about any matter related to your studies in the Division of Natural Science. Our counter hours are 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday during the Fall/Winter session.

Your welfare and progress in your encounter with science is of the utmost importance to us. If you have suggestions, comments or concerns, please communicate them to us either in person or via email (natsci@yorku.ca).

Be sure to check out our website regularly for any new information on NATS courses and the Division.

Division of Natural Science Resources – Course Aid – see http://natsci.info.yorku.ca

  • MATH-AID a support service designed to assist all students in better interpreting analytical and mathematical concepts.
  • NATS-AID a student peer tutor group that is available to all participants in our courses.

Class Representatives

Each course will be given an opportunity early in the term to choose class representatives who will serve as a liaison between students and the Course Director and the Director of the Division of Natural Science.  These individuals will also be responsible for arranging at least one study session.  There will also be a required training session arranged by NATS-AID. Consider getting involved and helping to improve the learning environment.

Important Course Dates 2017-2018 (Registrar Office Website)

Term F Term Y Term W
Last   date   to   enrol   without   permission   of   course instructor Sept. 20 Sept. 20 Jan. 17
Last date to enrol with permission of course instructor Oct. 4 Oct. 18 Jan. 31
Last date to drop courses without receiving a grade Nov. 10 Feb. 9 March 9
Course withdrawal period (withdraw from a course receive a “W” on the transcript) Nov. 11 to Dec. 4 Feb. 10 to April 6 Mar. 10 to April 6

Please note that although permission to enrol may be granted by the Course Director, FINAL approval will be granted by the department administrator.  Note: Permission to enroll cannot be granted if the course is full or spaces are reserved.


Grades in Natural Science courses are assigned in the manner described by the Faculty of Science, in the University Calendar, which appears under "Regulations Governing Examinations and Academic Standards". Only the Registrar’s Office can release official grades. All grades quoted by your Course Director on course websites must be considered unofficial.


Student Responsibilities and Conduct

  • Students are responsible for reading and understanding the material presented in the Course Outline. Questions should be directed to the individual(s) indicated in the Course Outline.  Students should know the name and number of their course, and the names of the lecturers and tutorial or laboratory personnel with whom they have contact.


  • The student's attention is drawn the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Amongst other things, this means that attendance at lectures is taken as an agreement not to disrupt proceedings by creating disturbances of any kind that interfere with the learning experience of other students. Since attendance at lectures is not mandatory, those who wish to carry on social functions during the lecture period must do so in some other appropriate place.


  • The Senate Policy on Academic Honesty details the definitions and penalties for cheating and plagiar Students with course-work problems are encouraged to seek help from course directors or from this office. In the event of persistent or serious offences, attention is drawn to the right of the University to invoke any civil, criminal or other remedies which may be available to it as a matter of law.

If  an  exam  or  class  needs  to  be  missed  because  of  religious  reasons,  you  should  read  the  Religious Observance Policy and act accordingly.


  • Students missing quizzes, tests, examinations or deadlines for submission of assignments must refer to the Course Outline for instructions. Please note that policies vary from one course to another.


The C.B. Cragg Awards, in memory of the first Natural Science Director, consist of a cash award given to students of good academic standing who demonstrate a special ability to contribute to a Natural Science course in a meaningful way. Students are usually nominated by the Course Director, with input from teaching assistants.

Faculty of Science Excellence in Teaching Award:  If you wish to nominate your instructor or TA for a Faculty of Science Teaching Award please see


Remember, be an advocate for your own success in your Natural Science course. Whenever any questions arise be sure to ask your course director in a timely manner.

Have a successful and enjoyable year!

Julie Clark

Director, Division of Natural Science


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