Help! My course is full!
Enrolment in a course is done generally by lab or tutorial section. Make sure you have tried all lab sections. If the course has more than one section, try the other section. If you still can't get into the course, wait until the first week of classes, since spaces tend to open up shortly after classes start. Keep in mind that the enrolment system can only be used until September 21 for Fall and Full Year courses and January 18 for Winter courses, at which point special permission from the instructor would be needed in order to enroll in the course.

What should I do with my "Course Performance Summary"?
Get your grades entered on the form. This can be done either by giving the form to your professor directly, or by dropping off the form at the NATS office (218 Bethune).

The next step is for the form to go to the Registrar's Office. If you have dropped off your form at the NATS office and you want to deliver it to the Registrar's Office yourself, make sure your email address is written on the form so that we can contact you when it's ready to pick up. Otherwise, we can forward it to the Registrar's Office for you. It may take two weeks for the form to be ready for pick-up (or forwarding), depending on how soon we can contact the professor. Please be patient.

How do I choose a Natural Science Course?
How to choose a Natural Science Course.

Where do I go for Math help?
M-Aid-in-NATS (Mathematics aid in Natural Science) is a free math help service that is open to any student taking a Natural Science course.

How do I find a peer tutor?
Find a list of peer tutors for your Natural Science course on the NATS-AID site.

How do I find my class representative(s)?
Please refer to your course Moodle site.

I’m taking an online Natural Science course. Where can I find it?
Online courses will be run through Moodle. Course material and assignment submission occur through Moodle. While there are no set ‘class times’, it is up to students to regularly look over and study the course material and to be aware of deadline dates for assignments, etc. Please note that for most of our online courses, tests/exams will be held in-class (on-campus).

When does my course begin?
See Important Dates found on the Registrar’s Office website. Be sure to select the correct academic term. These dates and deadlines apply to both in-class as well as online courses.

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