How to choose a Natural Science Course

Please select a Natural Science course carefully as enrolment limits are imposed, and students who drop a course may find it difficult to enrol in another of their choice.

In accordance with the spirit of the report of the Task Force on Faculties, Colleges, The First Year Experience. Natural Science courses should provide development of numerical, critical, and research skills. Courses should, therefore, not be selected on the basis of apparent ease or apparent absence of numerical concepts. Although a rudimentary background in a scientific discipline can be helpful, an interest in and willingness to explore new territory is far more important.

Course descriptions and outlines can be consulted to help you decide upon which course most interests you (and fits your timetable).  If you enjoy the course material you have selected, you will succeed in retaining the information (for life?) and obtaining a better grade as well.

Students should follow these instructions while selecting a course:

  1. Decide what course interests you the most
  2. Determine when the course is offered (are you always available?)
  3. Review the format (double speed, fully online, ) and decide if it works for you
  4. Enrol

There will be no laboratory or tutorial sessions held during the first week of classes in September and January. Please check the Manuals, which may be purchased from the York University Bookstore, or with the Course Directors regarding dates and location.

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