Perrin Award Recipients

Carleton E. Perrin Book Prize for Excellence in Science and Humanities:

This award, in the form of a book certificate, is given to the single most outstanding science student (i.e., an undergraduate student actively registered in the Faculty of Science and Engineering) in a Humanities course in the Faculty of Arts. Candidates considered for this award are expected to have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, and have a notable appreciation of the humanities.

The Chair of the Division of Humanities will seek out the best candidates, and, together with the Director of the Division of Natural Science, identify the winner.

Previous Award Recipients:

Recipient's Name Year
Sivani Vijayakumar 2012-2013
Kok Sum Wong 2011-2012
Zhixing Xu 2010-2011
Evgueni Vlassov 2009-2010
Amanda Esther Goldberg 2008-2009
Fiona Chettiar 2007-2008
Niki Mohseni Mofidi 2006-2007
Zachary Feilchenfeld 2005-2006
Christee Nerosha Karunairajan 2004-2005
Fulya Nazari 2003-2004
Lisa Rebecca Feinberg 2002-2003
Andrew Luft 2001-2002
Daniella Galbut 2000-2001
Andy Primeau 1999-2000
Elena Ivanova 1998-1999
Shane Shapero 1997-1998
Karen Jackson 1996-1997
Elisa Alvarez 1995-1996

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